Blog SEO

Project Summary

360DigiTour is a fishing and camping blog with over 100+ pages, it was getting a low traffic intake. The owner Dan decided to implement SEO services to promote his blog and boost his search engine rankings.

They wanted to get more traffic for their blog so they called in our expert to help them out. They hired Wix SEO company, and within a few months, they saw a significant increase in their blog traffic.


The Strategy

Here are some of the strategies 360DigiTour used to help their website grow in Google SERps.

  • Keyword research: We made sure we were targeting keywords that were relevant to our industry and our target audience.
  • URL structure: We put important keywords into the URL structure so that Google could recognize them as important.
  • SEO basics: We used basic SEO principles like title tags, meta descriptions, and image alt text to make sure our site was ready for search engines.

Proven Results

We were able to grow the website traffic and were able to provide significant ranking growth to the blog. Dan, the owner was happy with the services and the performance of his website.