Do Videos Help with SEO Rankings Growth


Do videos help with SEO and ranking growth? Yes, they do. This is not an opinion, it’s a fact. Let me explain…

Video content is viewed more than usual.

Video content is viewed more than other types of content. The average consumer spends over 6.5 hours per week watching videos, and the average user spends over 2 hours per day on social media (70% of which is through their phone). All these stats are impressive, but they’re even more so when you consider that the average time spent watching TV was just 19 minutes each day in 2015.

Google likes video content.

Google is a search engine, and they want to give users what they want. Google’s goal is to provide the most relevant results for each query, which means that it seeks out content that’s going to be engaging and useful. Videos are a great way to add value to your site by providing entertainment or education in an easy-to-understand format. At Wix SEO Company we encourage our clients to generate engaging videos for their business.

Google has also made it clear that video content is something they really like:

  • Videos can show off more than just text—they can help users understand concepts better than screenshots or graphs could!
  • If you’ve ever tried searching for something on Google (or any search engine), you’ll know that there are millions of results returned every time you type something into their search bar. With so many websites vying for attention from users all over the world, having high-quality video content will help your website stand out from the crowd!

Video drives more conversion rates.

Video content is more engaging than other types of content. People are more likely to watch a video than read an article, so if you think your audience will be more receptive when they’re watching a video, then it may be worthwhile to invest in creating that kind of content.

Video drives more conversion rates. When you create a video, you can put links and calls-to-action on the screen that encourage your viewer to take specific actions after watching the video (and before they leave). This means that videos have higher conversion rates than text-based content because they allow for immediate action at the end of each viewing session—something that isn’t possible with written words alone.

People are also more likely to share and watch videos on social media sites such as Facebook or YouTube because most people like seeing what their friends are up too—even if it’s just watching them do something funny! In fact, some studies show that people are up to 10 times as likely

Video encourages social shares.

Video content has high shareability, which is one of the most important factors in search engine optimization (SEO). People are more likely to share videos, including on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. When people click on links in their newsfeed, they are more likely to click on a link leading to a video than they would be if it were text-based.

Facebook and Twitter have incorporated video into their platforms as well. Users can easily upload short clips directly from their phones or computers onto these networks with ease. Videos are easy for users to watch and share with friends by embedding them directly into posts or copying the link for posting elsewhere online (like YouTube).

Over 80% of users admit to watching videos online.

According to a recent survey by Wistia, 83% of users say that they watch videos online and over 80% of video viewers are likely to share a new video with their friends and family. Video is a great way to engage with customers, especially when you’re trying to teach them something.

You can use videos in many ways:

  • To answer questions that customers might have about your product or service before they buy it
  • To show the features of your product
  • To show how easy it is for someone else (or yourself) to use the product
  • To help people understand how easily they can install or set up their purchase

Yes, video can help with SEO and ranking growth for a variety of reasons.

Yes, video can help with SEO and ranking growth for a variety of reasons. First, when it comes to content marketing, videos are viewed more than typical text-based content. Since videos are usually longer than other types of content on your website and can tell a more compelling story about your business or product offering (which is what Google wants), all that extra time spent watching the video will ultimately mean better rankings in the SERPs.

Secondly, Google likes video content because it’s easily digestible. The search engine considers this type of content easy to scan through quickly and gives it some weight in its algorithm as compared to text-only articles or even written blogs (where there may be several paragraphs before any actual meaty information). This makes sense—in our fast-paced world where everything moves at light speed, we’re all looking for things that require less effort on our end; if you’re searching online for information about something specific but don’t have time right then or there then scrolling through an article isn’t going to work as well as having something visual pop up on screen immediately after tapping into your keyword query.”


Video content is a great way to drive traffic and engagement. It’s increasingly becoming more popular as a medium for people to consume information on the internet, so it’s important for brands and businesses alike to recognize this trend and take advantage of video now before their competitors do.

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